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Joanne Watson - Chair

I love running. And as a coach I love nothing more than helping other people learn to love running too. I enjoy working with people to set, and then achieve, goals they previously only dreamt of.
I found my love of running as an adult, after managing to avoid sport for most of my childhood! After the birth of my children, I needed something that would help me get me fitter, and give me some 'me' time, and I quickly fell in love with running. My passion took me on a path from social running to competitive running, and on to training as a running coach myself.
Since qualifying as a running coach, I have worked with a wide range of people from complete beginners, to improvers, to seasoned marathon runners. I coach both individuals and groups of athletes, and still regularly compete in all distances myself.
Running makes everything better- I have achieved goals I previously wouldn't have dreamt of and I am passionate about sharing that with others. 
Jo is UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and a Level 2 Lydiard Coach.


Andie Ford - Treasurer and Member Secretary 

I started 'properly' running in 2013 - when I was 40 - after several years of trying and failing. During most of my early attempts I would only run in the forest or in the dark - so that no one could see me! Joining a club was the one thing that made me stick at it and fall in love with running. I met new friends and it has really helped build my confidence. Now I run to manage my mental health and try and train 5-6 days per week. My favourite race distance is the marathon as I love long-distance training and the discipline required!  I am very proud to be a founder member of CMRC and am inspired every day by the efforts and achievements of all our members. Coaching is the highlight of my week and I can't wait to see what our amazing athletes will accomplish next!


Ian Steele - Vice Chair

I took up running in 2016 after foolishly agreeing to join a friend in a half marathon in Las Vegas having done no running since school, got no running kit and had no clue on how to run for over 2 hours! I pretty quickly realised if I had any chance of achieving my goal I'd have to put the effort in and join a local running club and I stumbled across CMRC after doing my first Wyre Forest Park Run. From that point on, I've become one of those annoying running converts and thanks to the clubs help I've trained harder and been more supported than ever. I now have a lot more running kit, know how much effort it takes to run for over 2 hours and have completed the Las Vegas half Marathon.


Rachel Shields - Club Secretary

I began running in September 2016 and entered Bridgnorth 10k as a challenge to raise money in memory of Jack Edwards. I had never enjoyed running before and expected to never run again after race day.

Following the race I joined CMRC in January 2017 and they are the reason I am still running - I made new friends, reconnected with old ones, let myself be talked into entering a half marathon and genuinely loved every minute of it. I have trained using a plan that Andie had written for me and I attended her Tuesday evening sessions and I somehow managed to get a time 12 minutes better than I'd hoped! The love, support and encouragement you receive every week whether you have raced or not is something that CMRC prides themselves on.


Lisa Bailey - Media & Publicity Officer

I started running in 2008, having never run before in my life!  A friend persuaded me to join a local running club in Worcester; I’d never managed to run more than a mile on the treadmill in the gym. I surprised myself by completing a steady 3 miles and that’s where the love of running started.  I met some good friends and ran local 10k races but that was my limit. I’d wanted to do a half marathon but never had the confidence. My running declined after moving to Cleobury, until I discovered that even a small town had other runners and that’s where CMRC started. Since then, I’ve managed 2 half marathons which is down to the enthusiasm and encouragement of such great people in the club.


Lindsey Tillsley - Club Link Secretary

I started running in 2012 when I was 44 & had to lie down for 10 mins after only running round the block. I always ran on my own because I didn’t think I could keep up with anyone. Then after a chance meeting with some of the girls in a car park I took the plunge & joined CMRC. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made & just love running with such lovely friendly people. I have now run 10 half marathons & countless other races. If I’m not running I enjoy going along & supporting our fantastic club members. I also love volunteering at the Wyre forest parkrun which I find so inspiring watching others achieve their goals.

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