Welcome to Cleobury Mortimer Running Club!

Cleobury Mortimer Running Club (Run Cleobury) is a registered ‘Run England’ club and registered UK Athletics Club. We are supported by ‘England Athletics‘ and ‘Energize Shropshire’.We pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly and sociable running club with members of all ages and running backgrounds.

All abilities are welcome to come along and join in our training sessions. We promote mustering back so everyone enjoys their run, and so no one is left behind.

We welcome suggestions for new routes and ideas. We meet every Tuesday evening at 7pm at Cleobury Mortimer Sports Hall.



We meet every Tuesday evening at 7pm in the car park outside Cleobury Mortimer Sports Hall. These sessions are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced runners, so please turn up and we will ensure there is a group or route for everybody. Weekly sessions vary – sometimes we will do a steady run, other times we will do a speed session, hill reps or other sessions. Whatever the plan, there will always be an option for quicker runners and one for those who are newer to running. Nobody will ever get left behind – quicker runners at the front of the group will always muster back, meaning that everybody can take it at their own pace. All groups are led by one of our qualified coaches or run leaders. 



We have a ‘social run’ on Thursday evenings at 7pm, meeting at Cleobury Mortimer Sports Hall.



During term time we have an additional social run for anyone available. Aim to start at the Cleobury Mortimer Sports Hall at 9am.